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Imperial SaGa

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Imperial SaGa

インペリアル サガ
Inperiaru Saga


Think & Feel


Square Enix


Web browser

Release date:

JP June 18, 2015 (Mobile)


Role-playing video game



Imperial Saga is a game in the SaGa series released by Square Enix in 2015. It is unique among the rest of the SaGa series due to it being on the PC rather than consoles or handheld games like previous installments. There are no plans for a western release.

Service for the game ended on December 26, 2019. Micro-transactions ceased on June 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM JST. A new version of Imperial SaGa was in development for web browsers.[1] The website for the game now points to Imperial SaGa: Eclipse.


Imperial SaGa is a online browser game. Upon choosing your character, you can choose from various places on the map to visit, being able to meet various characters from the previous SaGa games who can join your party. Battles are very similar to Romancing SaGa 3.

Gameplay is turn-based with a point-and-click mechanic. Players can make characters perform specific functions. Sparks occur in the midst of battle. Formations provide advantages against particular enemies.

Exploration on the map consists of obtaining treasures and routing enemies. When encountering a branching point, players can divide up their party to either go in both directions or follow in one direction. When dividing up the party and one half of the party reaches the final boss, the other half of the party will join the battle after a few turns.


Main article: List of Imperial SaGa characters

The game features playable characters from throughout the SaGa series:


  • Emperors SaGa Collab.: An opportunity to get level 3.4 Selma via passcode.
  • 7 Heroes vs 7 Heroes Event: An opportunity to fight The 7 Heroes and get level 2 and 3.4 of their human forms.
  • Arslan Senki Collab.: An opportunity to fight undead monsters and get level 3.4, 4 and 5 Arslan characters.
  • Four Heavenly Kings Event: An opportunity to fight the 4 Heavenly Kings and get level 3.4 Barbara(Bow), Jamil(Axe), Hawke(Foil?) and Claudia(Martial).
  • Attack on Titan Collab.: An opportunity to fight titans and get level 3.4, 4 and 5 Attack on Titan characters
  • 7 Heroes vs 7 Heroes Event: After defeating the 7 Heroes with 10 Stars, you can fight their merged form.
  • Four Heavenly Kings Event: After defeating the Four Heavenly Kings with 10 stars, you can fight Saruin.
  • Challenges of Elore: Ten battles with monsters without rest with increasing difficulty.
  • Lord of Vermilion Arena Collab.: An opportunity to get level 3.4/5 Alice, Miria and Dark Alice via passcodes and the Barracks.Also, you could get Adel, Lazareth and Iris in LoVA.
  • Giant Dragon Dora: An opportunity to fight Green Dragon and get level 3.4 Michael(Sword).
  • Challenges of Nisa: Ten battles with monsters without rest with increasing difficulty.
  • Four Noble Devils Event: An opportunity to fight the 4 Noble Devils and get 3.4  Julian(Epee), Sarah(Hammer), Thomas(?) and Elen(Spear).
  • Challenges of Yucomb: Ten battles with monsters without rest with increasing difficulty.
  • Kzinssie Event: An opportunity to fight Kujinshi and get level 3.4 Gerard(Foil).
  • Tiny Feather Event: An opportunity to fight Tiny Feather and get level 3.4 Neidhart(Bow).
  • Gradius Dispatching, mysterious disappearance: An opportunity to fight Kylin and get level 3.4 Rouge.
  • Challenges of Cyril: Ten battles with monsters without rest with increased difficulty.
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collab.: An opportunity to get Level 3.4 and 5 Rein, Fina, and Roswell via passcodes or in the Barracks. Also, in FFBE, you can get Adel and transform him into Lazareth, Iris, Ivan, Olga, or Finnith and fight The Seven Heroes.
  • Valentine Event: An opportunity to fight Black Dragon Ruler and get Event Professor. Also, you can get Love Orbs and Hearts to exchange for items.
  • Megalith Appearance: An opportunity to fight Tree and Beast Lords and get Event Nebelstern(Axe).
  • Treasure Huntimng in Ligau Isle! : An opportunity to fight Flame Tyrant and get Event Aisha(Sword).
  • Challenges of Eres: Ten battles against monsters with increased difficulty.
  • Eleanor SOS! : An opportunity to fight Tone and Stone Lords and get Event Cordelia.



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