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Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song

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Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song

ロマンシング サガ -ミンストレルソング-


Square Enix


Square Enix


PlayStation 2

Release date:
JP April 21, 2005

NA October 11, 2005





Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song is the PlayStation 2 remake of Romancing SaGa published by Square Enix. It was released in 2005.

Aside from changing the 16-bit graphics of the SNES into 3D-style graphics, several characters have been changed in design, the battle system and class system was changed and a few new characters were added/removed. Minstrel Song received mixed to positive reviews when released in North America, although the game was better received in Japan. The game was, however, never released in Europe or PAL regions.



Once The Evil God Saruin, his brother Death and his sister Schirach fought a battle against the other Gods and their mortal children. The God Elore created Fatestones and gave them to the hero Mirsa in order to save the world. He gave his life to defeat Saruin and seal him, the Fatestones being scattered all over Mardias.

Many centuries later, this legend slowly grows forgotten, but signs appear that the return of Saruin is near. Who might be able to defeat the wicked God if he returns to Mardias? Can the Fatestones really prevent his revival, and if so, where do they now lay dormant?

Main Characters[edit]

All 8 characters from the SNES original make a return, but many are re-designed.

  • Albert - When Isthmus Keep was attacked by monsters, Lord Rudolf, Albert's father, send him out to Crystal City to warn Prince Neidhart, but the journey turns out more difficult than assumed.
  • Aisha - A Taralian, grand-daughter of tribe elder Nizan. Soon her tribesmen vanish and she embarks on a journey to find them.
  • Jamil - A thief from South Estamir. Embarks on a journey.
  • Claudia - A young girl raised by the witch Eule in Mazewood. She soon ventures out into Mardias.
  • Hawke - A pirate captain betrayed by a fellow pirate named Butcher. His ship sinks, and he's forced to travel by land.
  • Sif - A Valhallan warrior. Embarks on a quest to uncover the secret of the Dragon Orb.
  • Gray - A traveler. Accompanied by Galahad and Myriam, he finds an ancient sword called Falcata near Jelton. The sword is able to talk and asks Gray to restore it.
  • Barbara - A dancer. The mysterious Minstrel grants her The Amethyst, one of the Fatestones.

Other Characters[edit]

Darque/Aldora Farah Neidhart
Brau Frielei Patrick
Capt. Silver Galahad Raphael
Theodore Gian Red Mage
Diana Guella Ha Sylvan
Dowd Herman The Minstrel
Dragon Knight Myriam

Not-playable Supporting Cast[edit]


  • Saruin -The main antagonist of the game and youngest of the Three Gods of Evil. Seeks the destruction of the world he wishes for revenge on the world of man for he was defeated by mortals and this was his only defeat. He believes it to be a trick of Elore mortals should never been able to defeat a God. While sealed by the Fatestones his soul manifested into the minions which now serve him.
  • Minions (Scorn, Spite, and Strife) - Servants of Saruin and a manifestation of his power, their main purpose is to find the Fatestones to unseal Saruin and the destruction of all that would pose a threat to the return of their master.
  • Cultists - Cultist are servants of Saruin that worship him as their patron God. Cursing and kidnapping maidens as sacrifices to Saruin. They act with the accordance with the Minions.
  • Duke Loban - The Duke (Duke Cornelio) is a noble under the Emperor. He is married to the Emperor's sister Matilda. He has ambitions for the throne and seeks to get it by any means necessary.
  • The Butcher - The Current leader of the pirates after the betrayal of Captain Hawke. Has committed many murders as well as being responsible for kidnapping as slave trading as well as conspiring to attack the Bafal Empire.
  • Tuman - Tuman is the Viceroy of Tarmitta the former capital of Kjaraht. He seeks power to topple the current leader Wuhan and return power to the Kjari, the original rulers of North and South Estamir. He has ties to the Assassins' Guild, responsible for kidnappings and murder.
  • Ifrit - Demon of fire in the service of Saruin's Minions. Seeks to destroy the Knights Dominion and steal their Fatestone from Lady Flammar.


Box art[edit]