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Romancing SaGa/Minstrel Song character
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Sprite RoSaMinNeidhart.png
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Gender Male
Age N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Race Human
Class Rosalian Lancer
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Neidhart (ナイトハルト Naitoharuto?), also known as Prince Neidhart, is a minor character in Romancing SaGa and its remake Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. He was born in Rosalia and can be found at the Palace in Crystal City.

He is voiced in Japanese by Masaya Katô and in English by Patrick Seitz in the remake.



Neidhart wears dark silver armor, gauntlets and leggings. He is shown to have long, blond hair.


Neidhart is a proud prince of Rosalia, not letting fear get onto him. He is shown to stand up for the weak and to be generally brave, saving Aisha in the middle of the Steppes of Galessa when she is attacked by monsters.


He is the crown Prince of Rosalia, an ambitious leader and has the respect and adoration of all his subjects, even some of his enemies. He is known for being a wise and powerful leader as well as warrior. Known as the Black Prince or Kayakith Lebita (black devil in Taralian). He is currently ruling Rosalia in his father's stead, as king Karl is now bedridden with an illness. He seeks to make Rosalia a strong and prosperous country. His father was a friend of Lord Rudolf and Lady Mariah, the rulers of Isthmus Keep. As his father before him, Prince Neidhart is now friends with Albert, the young heir to Isthmus Keep. He is also engaged to the daughter of Lord Rudolf and the older sister of Albert, Diana. Saddened by the fall of Lord Rudolf, Lady Mariah and their children, the most loyal of Rosalia's subjects, Neidhart goes as far as to have the bodies of the fallen leaders interred in the temple of Nisa in Crystal City, and has sent soldiers in search of Albert and Diana. Isthmus Keep served as one of Rosalia's key defense points for guarding from Empire attacks from Loban. With the Isthmus lost, relations with Bafal are at an all time low, tensions are high for fear of war. He offers advice to those who try to undertake the test of courage to get a feather from Avi's nest, as there were only two people that had tried to accomplish this feat: King Karl the first and Prince Neidhart, which he calls "a fool's errand".

Neidhart after the siege of Estamir

Neidhart requests that the Heroes recover the kingdom's treasure, the Fatestone the Aquamarine, which belongs to the Rosalian Royal family, lost after the death of Karl I. It was believed that he asked one of his subjects, while he was at death's door, to hid it in Crystal Lake. But, it was revealed to be the work of a greedy minister who wanted the Fatestone for himself. Upon the recovery of the Fatestone, he offers to aid the Heroes on their quest to defeat Saruin. He plays a key role in saving the Knights Dominion and Estamir from the armies of Saruin in the seige of Estamir. Though Rosalia has long been embroiled in conflict with Estamir, he extends a helping hand to them. Neidhart goes as far as to request a ceasefire with the Bafal Empire. With assurances that his country will not be attacked by Duke Loban and the armies of the Empire, the Black Prince sets off for Estamir, leading the Lancers of Rosalia into battle.



Initial Attributes[edit]

HP 385 LP 10
STR 23 VIT 22
DEX 18 AGI 21
INT 20 WIL 17
COM 12 CHA 21

Default Equipment[edit]


Black Spear

Rosalian Saber

Shield --
Head Fashionable Helm Chest Black Mail
Hands Conqueror's Gloves Feet Leg Mail
Neck Silver Chain Ring Bejeweled Ring

Other appearances[edit]

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game[edit]

Neidhart appears as an obtainable card.


Special opening cutscene after you beat the game as Albert.



  • If you beat the game as Albert, you get a special opening cutscene for the next playthrough, unless your next character is Aisha.
  • Neidhart bravely saves Aisha at the beginning of her quest, after she goes riding on her horse alone and is KO'd by monsters. This is reminiscent of Alkarl saving Red at the beginning of Red's scenario in SaGa Frontier.
  • In order to recruit Neidhart you must have given him the Aquamarine, and have Albert in your party so that you can access the Crystal Palace. Once these conditions are met you can visit Neidhart in his throne room to request his assistance.
  • If you do not have Neidhart in your party while confronting the Dragon Knight in the quest for Raphael, Neidhart will show up and kill Dragon Knight in order to claim the treasure of Mirsa; unless your character never hears of or meets Neidhart in your current or previous playthrough, then he won't even show up during the cutscene. Also, even should Neidhart die in the battle against the Dragon Knight, this will count as a Game Over. The game can't continue if he doesn't slay him.
  • If you have Neidhart in your party, you will be unable to fight 10 FS Saruin as he will have kept the Aquamarine.


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