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The SaGa Wiki is a wiki project about the SaGa series of video games, such as SaGa Frontier, Romancing SaGa, and SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions. The project strives to create a full information database on the series. The wiki includes details about relevant topics such as the various characters, monsters, items, and more. Due to being a wiki, pages can be edited to add more factual information related to the franchise. Currently the wiki has 1,223 articles.


SaGa Wiki started out on Wikia, for which it was created on December 31, 2008‎ by Kat Faris Evan.

In December 2021, it was forked by Results May Vary with the permission of Matthew Cenance, who was the only active contributor on Fandom's SaGa Wiki at the time. The plan was that Results May Vary would fork the wiki and show it to the SaGa Discord server. The community approved the move, and Grifkuba quickly approved a request from Results Mary Vary for them to host the wiki. Triforce Wiki, Wiki of Mana, and SaGa Wiki were all moved to Grifkuba around the same day, especially as a "Christmas present" to Grifkuba CEO and founder Tacopill. Results May Vary was incredibly grateful that Tacopill allowed hosting for hosting several of his wikis over the past few years, ever since the approval of Jiggywikki in late 2018, especially because Results May Vary could no longer afford to host any wikis on his own.

The history of Results May Vary imagining an independent SaGa Wiki dates back to mid-2021. He planned to start independent wiki on the Mana series around the time, but wanted to fill in more of Final Fantasy Wiki before committing to yet another wiki project (as he was already managing wikis on Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Rare, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and SpongeBob). One major reason was so that he could elaborate upon Final Fantasy Adventure coverage, especially for the remake Sword of Mana, which removed nearly all Final Fantasy-related elements. This way, Final Fantasy Wiki would not have to link to a Mana wiki on Fandom. Another reason was to give Triforce Wiki a "baby brother," as the Mana series has action-adventure gameplay comparable to that of The Legend of Zelda.

The Wiki of Mana was founded on August 26, 2021, and it was around this time that Results May Vary bought sagawiki.org (as sagawiki.com had already been taken). He was mostly interested in the American localization of the first three SaGa titles, which were marketed as Final Fantasy titles (specifically the Final Fantasy Legend series) in America. Like with Mana, Results May Vary did not want to link to a SaGa Wiki on Fandom for further information on the SaGa remakes, which were never released outside of Japan nor were they ever localized as Final Fantasy titles. One big problem was that he did not want to start a wiki solely to fill in a coverage void for the Final Fantasy Wiki, as covering the SaGa games proved to be too difficult for him. When the SaGa Wiki community approved of the move, this solved an issue for the ambitious independent Final Fantasy Wiki project.

On February 22, 2022, with the permission of lead bureaucrat Holymoongrinder, SaGa Wiki has become a member of Gaming Wiki Network, where it sits along with Final Fantasy Wiki and Wiki of Mana.