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Welcome to my user profile! I am Holymoongrinder, but you may call me Ena if you prefer. I’m an admin here on the SaGa Wiki and the SaGa Wiki’s Discord Server. I speak Croatian as a second language. I have been learning Japanese casually on and off for the past decade since it's part of my family's heritage (and since I took a couple classes back in high school), but I prefer Slavic languages. I hope to translate at least one page here into Croatian for the lulz. (Translating any more than that would be highly unnecessary!)

What I do on the Wiki[edit]

As an admin, I mostly watch over the content being added or removed from pages to make sure nothing is being vandalized, though I do make an effort to contribute information whenever I can find time. Right now I'm slowly but surely working on digitizing all of the weapons/items/armor art for SaGa 1-3. :) If you need images for a page on this wiki or you notice any unacceptably poor quality images while editing a page, feel free to contact me either here or on Discord. I own a decent number of art books, game guides, and fanbooks from the SaGa series--including the Unlimited SaGa light novels and Romancing SaGa 1-2 manga! :)--so I would not mind scanning something in. Please note that if you want something taken care of right away, you’re better off getting my attention from our Discord server since I have the notifications linked to my phone.

How I got into the SaGa Series[edit]

I became a fan of the SaGa series at age nine with the Gameboy game SaGa 2, known to me at the time as Final Fantasy Legend II. (Fun fact: I actually played a stupid romhack that replaced the main character sprites with Pokemon because I was a lame kid who only wanted to play Pokemon-related stuff.) I wasn't very good at FFL2 because I didn't want to lose my monsters’ starting sprites by eating meat lol, so I always got stuck on Venus. I eventually got a physical copy of the game when I was 11 or 12. I didn't learn until years later that I had played a SaGa game.

I remember seeing an ad for the DS remake while looking for something else, and I remember initially wondering, "Why does this look familiar?" The second I entered the game’s flash site, I was blasted with the nostalgic title theme and nearly cried out in joy. I was seriously thrilled because this game was my childhood! My brother and I would pretend we were in Venus' city while playing outside lol and we'd spend a ridiculous amount of time drawing dumb Pokemon card-type things featuring the SaGa monsters. For me, the SaGa series became a bridge into a world of games other than Pokemon...so I can thank it for that!

SaGa Games I've Played[edit]

I've played all of them to some degree except for SaGa Frontier 2, and I own all the games except for SaGa Frontier, which is actually my boyfriend's. I don't own a PS2, so I have not played too far into Minstrel Song, Unlimited SaGa or SaGa Frontier, but I have a decent familiarity with the characters and their quirks thanks to imperial SaGa! Fun fact: I have replayed SaGa 2 more than any other game that I have ever owned!

I also own both stage plays and would recommend them to other fans!

Favorite SaGa Games[edit]

SaGa 2, Romancing SaGa 2, SaGa Scarlet Grace

Favorite SaGa Series Female Characters[edit]

My all time favorite SaGa series character is Rocbouquet for her stunningly colorful Tomomi Kobayashi design and her duplicitous personality. It's a shame that her character wasn’t really elaborated upon in the original game because the western fanbase will never get to know her selfish, sassy little Wagnas-obsessed "BUT BIG BROTHER!!!!" Bouquet butt the way that Japan does! I love how Rocbouquet does not take crap from others, like Kzinssie and the random dudes who practically beg for her attention, while also tending to do whatever she thinks she should be able to do, despite what Noel advises even though she deeply admires him. She's also just super adorable with Wagnas even though he doesn't return the same feelings back, and I love how her go-to insults are almost always about flies! Nana Yamada does a great job bringing her to life in the play. One of My favorite parts in SaGa THE STAGE is when she kicks a guy in the face and tells him to shut up!

I also really like Ogniana from SaGa Scarlet Grace. She's my spirit animal sassy princess axe-wielding MVP. I love that one of her phrases after winning a battle is simply, "I'm hungry." Nessa and Urpina are pretty great too! Oh, and Byunei! I love how her character design was handled. (She’s based on Buné, an archduke of Hell that is typically depicted as a three-headed dragon with the heads of a dog, man, and griffin.)

Ninjas, Amazons, and Esper Girls are my favorite playable classes.

Favorite SaGa Series Male Characters[edit]

I'm kinda biased toward female characters because I can relate to them more, but if I had to choose, I'd say my favorite male protagonist is Harid from Romancing SaGa 3. I love how he stands up in the pub to calm the crowd and then proceeds to apologize to Monica for the behavior of her countrymen even though he is a foreigner. <3 Noel, Wagnas, and Adel are also fabulous SaGa guys, and the SaGa the Stage version of Kzinssie is amazing! His eccentricity, cowardice, and poor manners make him a really enjoyable and entertaining character.

Favorite Weapon[edit]

Worm slayer – Who wouldn’t want to summon a swarm of bees upon their enemies?

Favorite Skills[edit]

Shitsureken / Rude Blade hands down. That one makes me laugh all the time whenever I see Urpina use it in SaGa Scarlet Grace!

Favorite Arts[edit]

Quick Time – I love how it distorts and speeds up the music to indicate that there has been an alteration in space-time. I also love the Imperial SaGa version of Fascinate for its pretty exploding roses.

My SaGa Series Collection[edit]

One of my hobbies is collecting SaGa merchandise! I have well over 255 pieces in my collection right now—a good number of these items being books, CDs, and clear files; but I do have a number of other items, like shot glasses, wooden coasters, bookmarks, and even a porcelain figurine of Gustav XIII! If you are curious, my entire collection is posted to my Snupps page! https://www.snupps.com/LudaVrana

Other Interests besides SaGa[edit]

  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Cosplay
  • Rocks, minerals, and fossils+
  • Chemistry
  • Etymology
  • Foreign Languages
  • Pokémon
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Sailor Moon
  • Land of the Lustrous

+Seriously, the one topic that can send me on a huge tangent is rocks and minerals, so if you ever want to talk geology~~

My Favorite Pages[edit]