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Romancing SaGa/Minstrel Song character
ダウド (Daudo?)
Romancing SaGa
RS Dowd Artwork.png
Minstrel Song
Portrait RoSaMinDowd.png
Gender Male
Age N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Race Human
Class N/A
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Type Non-playable character

Dowd (ダウド Daudo?) is a minor playable character from Romancing SaGa and its remake, Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. He was born in South Estamir. He can be found at the Slave Trader's House in South Estamir.

He is voiced in Japanese by Toshinobu Tida and in English by Sam Riegel in the remake.



In artwork for the original game, Dowd is seen sporting a pompadour, long socks, striped shorts, and a white jacket. In the actual game however, the jacket is red. An odd addition to the character is his overworld sprite, as he uses the generic male sprites rather than an original sheet. It is unknown if this was an oversight, lack of effort, or a deliberate choice to make the Assassins' Guild plot twist more suprising.

In Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song , Dowd has a radically different design. He sports a white bowl hat, baggy sleeves, boots with way smaller socks, and random fabric tied together on his torso.


Dowd is shown to me mildly incompotent in the act of thievery, even stated by Jamil when he exclaims he's "gotta keep up", after he slows down Jamil when asking for what objects they should grab before leaving in Jamil's intro. Later on in the game, Dowd asks Jamil to stay in Estamir, showcasing he is not willing to change himself without a push from his friend. When you try to recruit him with a different protagonist in the slave trader's house, Dowd might lie about himself, saying he's "got guys like Jamil" working for him, and exclaiming that he's "the man", showcasing he's kind of full of himself, or maybe perhaps that's his way of coping with Estamir's urban setting and poverty.

Later on in the game, in the Assassins' Guild quest, Jamil exclaims Dowd would never commit murder, showcasing his kind nature.


He is a friend of Jamil and Farah, and can be found in South Estamir. He starts out in the party when playing as Jamil, but is difficult to recruit otherwise. He and Jamil begin their story as they're robbing a house, in which he shows his mild incompotence in thievery, constantly asking his friend if whatever item he sees is viable enough to take, to which Jamil replies saying they just gotta grab everything they see. Due to wasting so much time talking, they eventually get caught by a guard and run, barely escaping. Jamil exclaims that Dowd must keep up, to which he replies that they atleast made it, to which his friend is not particularly impressed. They later find out that their friend, Farah, has been kidnapped by slave traders, and so they begin their quest to save her.

After the quest is complete, If Barbara has joined your party, Dowd will ask Jamil to stay in Estamir, as he doesn't want to leave his hometown. If you decline his request, he'll continue to be in your party normally, unless the player decides to kick him from the party using the Pub owner. If you accept his request, Dowd will show up again in the Assassins' Guild quest, as the assasin who attacks the party when they sleep at the South Estamir Inn after a certain Battle Rank. After he is defeated, Dowd reveals the Guild's location, before exclaiming he is sorry, and how he does not want to die. In Minstrel Song, a cutscene takes place, where Jamil claims that the Guild will pay for manipulating him. In the end of the quest, Jamil takes vengeance against the Guild, letting Dowd's soul rest. It's note worthy that if the player does not let Dowd go, a regular assasin will take his place and reveal the Guild's location instead.



  • Recruitable from South Estamir, inside the Slave Trader's House, but he cannot be re-recruited by Jamil and to unlock him for other characters, the player must play as Jamil and make him leave before finishing the Assasin's Guild quest. If a player does so, he becomes unlocked for all future playthroughs. However Dowd and Jamil have a special lock-out system in place where having one of the 2 in the party, forbids the other to appear. The one exception to this is playing as a female character and completing Wuhan's Secret, Jamil appears in Farah's house at the end, and his recruitment is possible there, even if you have Dowd, so if you recruit Dowd after that, and come back to the house, you can get both.

Initial Attributes[edit]

HP 40 LP 17

Default Equipment[edit]

Weapon Rapier Shield --
Head -- Chest Leather Armor
Hands -- Feet --
Neck -- Ring --

Other appearances[edit]

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game[edit]

Dowd appears as an obtainable card.



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