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Zhi Ling

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Romancing SaGa 3 character
Zhi Ling
ツィー·リン (Tsī Rin?)
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Gender Female
Age 28
Race Human
Appearances' Romancing SaGa 3
Imperial SaGa
Type Playable

Zhi Ling (ツィー·リン Tsī Rin?) is a character from Romancing SaGa 3. She is a minor playable character.

Zhi Ling hails from the nomadic people of Muenge Village, located in the Great Plains. She is a student of Bai Meiniang who is asked to accompany the player character for a short quest, making her recruitable upon its completion. 




Zhi Ling is a responsible and hardworking member of the Muenge tribe. Her teacher tends to call her a childish nickname, Linny, which she isn't too fond of. She is curious about the western regions of the world and wants to come along with the protagonist to experience it.


When the player first arrives in the Great Plains from the Naj Desert, there is no way to physically exit back to the world map. A short distance from the wide open plains to the east is Muenge Village, where the party meets Bai Meiniang and her student Zhi Ling. After a short chat explaining how the team managed to find the village, Bai Meiniang offers to make a deal with the party. Since the nearby city of Xuan locks up foreigners upon first sight, she will put a good word in for them provided they can help her with her magical research. She takes one of the protagonist's allies in order to question them about magic from the western lands while asking Zhi Ling to accompany the team and speak with the insect-like Nefte tribe to the south, using a Psycho Helmet in order to understand their language. Once that task is completed and the party returns, Bai Meiniang releases the appropriated party member back to the protagonist and the story continues with going into Xuan.

At any point after the party returns from the events in Xuan, they can return to Bai Meiniang's tent in Muenge Village to recruit Zhi Ling to the party. Recruting her for the first time in the remaster grants the player the "Archer of the Great Plains" trophy.


Zhi Ling possesses incredible sparking potential with bows, her specialty weapon that she has trained extensively with as a nomadic hunter. She has no trouble sparking any of the bow skills and masters them fairly easily. Her high dexterity rating (24) means she's also a capable shortsword wielder too. In addition, she starts with 12 LP, which is higher than most characters have. Giving her the Lunar spell Shadow Servant will allow her to vastly increase her damage output.

Her drawbacks include her poor magic rating (10), which hinders any chance of her being any sort of mage, save for teaching her Shadow Servant. While she does initially join with a skill level of 10 in martial arts, her low strength (14) and average speed (15) means she will never make for a very good martial artist. It is best to gear Zhi Ling for speed, as her high damage output with bow skills along with acting before the enemy does allows her to devastate the battlefield easily.



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