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List of Romancing SaGa 3 enemies

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This is a list of enemies in Romancing SaGa 3.


Name Image Type Skills
Hammerhead RS3 Hammerhead.png
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Arch Swoopers RS3 Arch Swoopers.png
Venomarlin RS3 Venomarlin.png
Volcano RS3 Volcano.png
Death Master RS3 Death Master.png
Peg Powler RS3 Peg Powler.png
Forneus's General RS3 Forneus's General.png
Crypt Magus
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Bronze Magus RS3 Bronze Magus.png
Gold Magus RS3 Gold Magus.png
Despiser RS3 Despiser.png
Mantid RS3 Mantid.png
Berserker RS3 Berserker.png
Reaper RS3 Reaper.png
Blue Dragon RS3 Blue Dragon.png
Zera Beetle
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Yami RS3 Yami.png
Sea Hare RS3 Sea Hare.png
Hydroflower RS3 Hydroflower.png
Sandbiter RS3 Sandbiter.png
Shadow RS3 Shadow.png
Angora Wildcat RS3 Angora Wildcat.png
Red Heel RS3 Red Heel.png
Nioh RS3 Nioh.png
Alley Cat RS3 Alley Cat.png
Shambler RS3 Shambler.png
Dragon Zombie (Red) RS3 Dragon Zombie (Red).png
Dragon Zombie (Green) RS3 Dragon Zombie (Green).png
Death Colada RS3 Death Colada.png
Dragon Zombie (Black) RS3 Dragon Zombie (Black).png
Venom Lich RS3 Venom Lich.png
Golden Baum RS3 Golden Baum.png
Taotie RS3 Taotie.png
Poison Gigant RS3 Poison Gigant.png
Rana Mage RS3 Rana Mage.png
Medusa RS3 Medusa.png
Desert Trap RS3 Desert Trap.png
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Mortar Ghost RS3 Mortar Ghost.png
Bone Drake RS3 Bone Drake.png
Oannes RS3 Oannes.png
Minotaur RS3 Minotaur.png
Nosferatu RS3 Nosferatu.png
Alloces's Ogre RS3 Alloces's Ogre.png
Tempest Dragon RS3 Tempest Dragon.png
Venomous Crab RS3 Venomous Crab.png
Juggernaut RS3 Juggernaut.png
Giant RS3 Giant.png
Biter RS3 Biter.png
Alloces RS3 Alloces.png
Sundiver RS3 Sundiver.png
Pterodactyl RS3 Pterodactyl.png
Raving Eagle RS3 Raving Eagle.png
Crawler RS3 Crawler.png
Werewolf RS3 Werewolf.png
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Buné's Byrd RS3 Buné's Byrd.png
Buné's Imp RS3 Buné's Imp.png
Buné RS3 Buné.png
Buné Final RS3 Buné Final.png
Wyvern RS3 Wyvern.png
Red Dragon RS3 Red Dragon.png
Forneus's Minion
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Dandy Lion RS3 Dandy Lion.png
Cipher RS3 Cipher.png
Vigilant RS3 Vigilant.png
Happy Lang RS3 Happy Lang.png
Madbull RS3 Madbull.png
Ogre Warrior RS3 Ogre Warrior.png Beast
Ogre Lord RS3 Ogre Lord.png Beast
Chimera RS3 Chimera.png Beast
Icarus RS3 Icarus.png Goblin
Magmite RS3 Magmite.png Misc
Pyroclast RS3 Pyroclast.png Humanoid
Plasmid RS3 Plasmid.png Humanoid
Enabler RS3 Enabler.png Humanoid
Echidna RS3 Echidna.png Humanoid
Foehn RS3 Foehn.png Elemental
Alv RS3 Alv.png Humanoid
Aeriel RS3 Aeriel.png Humanoid
Nyxer RS3 Nyxer.png Humanoid
Evoker RS3 Evoker.png Humanoid
Windbloom RS3 Windbloom.png Humanoid
Vanadis RS3 Vanadis.png Humanoid
Sand Flapper RS3 Sand Flapper.png Insect
Terra Warden RS3 Terra Warden.png Misc
Eventide RS3 Eventide.png Humanoid
Sunflower RS3 Sunflower.png Plant
Brunhild File:RS3 Brunhild.png Plant
Wet Ruby RS3 Wet Ruby.png Plant
Nue RS3 Nue.png Beast
Torturer RS3 Torturer.png Plant
Sphinx RS3 Sphinx.png Humanoid
Cerberus RS3 Cerberus.png Beast
Lizardman RS3 Lizardman.png Reptile
Gel Matter RS3 Gel Matter.png Slime
Shocker RS3 Shocker.png Beast
Nixie RS3 Nixie.png Humanoid
Lilith RS3 Lilith.png Humanoid
Bladewraith RS3 Bladewraith.png Undead
Croaker RS3 Croaker.png Amphibian
Werecat RS3 Werecat.png Beast
Venus Mantrap RS3 Venus Mantrap.png Plant
Peg Prowler
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Barghest RS3 Barghest.png Beast
Juggernaut RS3 Juggernaut.png Demon
Sky Wolf RS3 Sky Wolf.png Beast
Ooze RS3 Ooze.png Slime
Hogrider RS3 Hogrider.png Goblin
Triceratops RS3 Triceratops.png Dinosaur
Mobelwagen RS3 Mobelwagen.png Fish
Dobby Don RS3 Dobby Don.png Goblin
Ghast RS3 Ghast.png Undead
Balisudra RS3 Balisudra.png Undead
Raptor RS3 Raptor.png Dinosaur
Mad Jester RS3 Mad Jester.png Humanoid
Stormer RS3 Stormer.png Dragon
Sindi RS3 Sindi.png Plant
Funghoul RS3 Funghoul.png Undead
Dobby RS3 Dobby.png Goblin
Marchenrum RS3 Marchenrum.png Plant
Elder Ape RS3 Elder Ape.png Humanoid
Buggah RS3 Buggah.png Insect
Rana Warrior RS3 Rana Warrior.png Amphibian
Jelly RS3 Jelly.png Slime
Meldworm RS3 Meldworm.png Insect
Tao Master RS3 Tao Master.png Humanoid
Dead Eye RS3 Dead Eye.png Demon
Dragon Zombie RS3 Dragon Zombie.png Dragon
Minity RS3 Minity.png Humanoid
Gurangatch RS3 Gurangatch.png Reptile
Quetzalcoatl RS3 Quetzalcoatl.png Reptile
Ghoul Gulper RS3 Ghoul Gulper.png Amphibian
Gargoyle RS3 Gargoyle.png Demon
Cihuacoatl RS3 Cihuacoatl.png Humanoid
Scorpion RS3 Scorpion.png Insect
Shrieker RS3 Shrieker.png Plant
Wicked Cocoon RS3 Wicked Cocoon.png Plant
Rayne RS3 Rayne.png Humanoid
Venomous Snake RS3 Venomous Snake.png Reptile
Tapir RS3 Tapir.png Spirit
Slugmite RS3 Slugmite.png Slime
Raksha RS3 Raksha.png Demon
Phantom Soul RS3 Phantom Soul.png Humanoid
Hraesvelgr RS3 Hraesvelgr.png Bird
Faun RS3 Faun.png Humanoid
Frostspit RS3 Frostspit.png Spirit
Geo Python RS3 Geo Python.png Reptile
Haunted Skull RS3 Haunted Skull.png Undead
Hobgoblin RS3 Hobgoblin.png Goblin
Ogre RS3 Ogre.png Beast
Elm Bird RS3 Elm Bird.png Bird
Edimmu RS3 Edimmu.png Humanoid
Draconian RS3 Draconian.png Reptile
Blazer RS3 Blazer.png Dragon
Beetle RS3 Beetle.png Insect
Arachne RS3 Arachne.png Humanoid
Storm Bee RS3 Storm Bee.png Insect
Kamaitachi RS3 Kamaitachi.png Spirit
Belladonna RS3 Belladonna.png Humanoid
Rose Spider RS3 Rose Spider.png Insect
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Scalpodon RS3 Scalpodon.png Reptile
Heptopus RS3 Heptopus.png Fish
Faye RS3 Faye.png Humanoid
Flesheater File:RS3 Flesheater.png Undead
Sea Mongrel File:RS3 Sea Mongrel.png Fish
Goblin RS3 Goblin.png Goblin
Wrapper RS3 Wrapper.png Amphibian
Daefish File:RS3 Daefish.png Fish
Lobo RS3 Lobo.png Beast
Burglar RS3 Burglar.png Humanoid
Shambler RS3 Shambler.png
Eerie Skull RS3 Eerie Skull.png Undead
Firespit RS3 Firespit.png Spirit
Helldiver RS3 Helldiver.png Bird
Gel RS3 Gel.png Slime
Arachanoid RS3 Arachanoid.png Insect
Treantino RS3 Treantino.png Plant
Slime RS3 Slime.png Slime
Barbarricuda RS3 Barbarricuda.png Fish
Petrified Fish RS3 Petrified Fish.png Fish
Warbat RS3 Warbat.png Demon
Dancer RS3 Dancer.png Humanoid
Skeleton RS3 Skeleton.png Undead
Lurker RS3 Lurker.png {{{Type}}} Demon
Melting Man RS3 Melting Man.png Humanoid
Ghost RS3 Ghost.png Undead
Putrid Gigant RS3 Putrid Gigant.png Demon
Serpentfang RS3 Serpentfang.png Reptile
Irate Simian RS3 Irate Simian.png Humanoid
Sullied Lancer RS3 Sullied Lancer.png Fish


Name Image Type Skills
Bunnie File:RS3 Bunnie.png Experiment
Wintrellius RS3 Wintrellius.png Fish
Rat Mischief RS3 Rat Mischief.png Beast
Nadel Canone RS3 Nadel Canone.png Vehicle
Hitze Canone RS3 Hitze Canone.png Vehicle
Nacht Zweiger RS3 Nacht Zweiger.png Vehicle
Caldawing RS3 Caldawing.png Bird
Evil Ogre File:RS3 Evil Ogre.png Demon
Dream Eater RS3 Dream Eater.png Spirit


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