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SaGa Frontier 2 character
' (?)
IS Johan Artwork.png
Sprite Johan Sprite.gif
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 17-26
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances SaGa Frontier 2
Imperial SaGa
Type Playable character

Johan (ヨハン?) is a character in SaGa Frontier 2. Johan is a member of an assassin's group, the Red Scorpions. A proficient killer, Johan begins to question the motives of his gang and one day attempts to escape the Red Scorpions. Closely pursued by his vengeful ex-comrades, Johan is saved from certain death by Gustave XIII. Attracted by Gustave's air of authority and power, Johan decides to serve the prince. However, the assassins poison Johan. Knowing that the insidious drug is lethal, slowly but surely killing him, Johan sacrifices his own life for Gustave at the Southern Fort.

Scenario History[edit]

Scenario Name Year Age
Johan the Assassin 1260 17
The Southern Fort 1269 26


Johan is a fragile but powerful melee focused fighter. He has low HP and one of the lowest LP in the game, but he has proficiency with the powerful Sword and Martial Arts, as well as high growth potential with every elemental Spell Art. He also begins the game with the incredibly powerful Tornado Blade Hybrid Art as well as the War God Role.

Johan is a very powerful fighter with a lot of spell potential and access to some of the best Weapon Arts in the game. His main issues stem from having only one chapter to really make the most of his growth potential; and trying to counter his severe weakness such as his low HP and his meager six LP points. It is imperative to give him access to Life Water and Stone Armor if they are available in order to minimize the possibility of having to spend LP to heal.

While he starts with the War God Role, it may be better to give him Roles that cover his weaknesses like Defense, WALL, and Recover.

Starting Equipment[edit]

  • Blast Sword
  • Stone Shield
  • Caster Cloth
  • Fur Boots
  • Red Scarf
  • Scorpion Tail


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