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SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions

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SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions

サガ スカーレット グレイス
SaGa Sukāretto Gureisu


Square Enix Business Division 3
Studio R.E.E.L


Square Enix


Tomomi Kobayashi


Kenji Ito


PlayStation Vita
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Microsoft Windows

Release date: PlayStation Vita
JP December 15, 2016
PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS
JP August 2, 2018

WW December 3, 2019


Role-playing video game



SaGa Scarlet Grace (サガ スカーレット グレイス SaGa Sukāretto Gureisu?), is the latest title in the SaGa series, released in December 15, 2016 for the PlayStation Vita in Japan. Set in a nameless world where powers be them divine, earthly or spiritual are always at clash. It follows the story of four protagonists with their own objectives and struggles for surviving in an ever-conflicting world where humanity will have to carve a new path in order to put an end to it.


Battle System[edit]

Unlike most entries, the gameplay revolves around manipulating the turn order of everyone present in a battle in order to aim for an United Attack, which upon a performance will grant the player a reduction to another of the main components of the battle system: the BP or battle points. Unlike previous games, all characters share a singular technique gauge, which in turn largely grants all encounters a strategical focus unlike previous entries.


The progression in this game largely resembles the one of the "Romancing" series of games as the player is encouraged to interact with their sorroundings in order to find possible quests and ways of progressing with the main story. There are no dungeons as in properly, since the world acts as a sort of giant dungeon the player must explore to progress. Notably the game has a heavier focus to its worldbuilding and characters, making it reminiscent of SaGa Frontier 2 and its scenario system.

Scenario Selection[edit]

Urpina's Scenario[edit]

The first chapter of Urpina's scenario starts much like a regular RPG, with Urpina having a set goal to complete. Once her first chapter is completed, there is more freedom to explore and do events. Urpina is recommended for beginners.

Leonard's Scenario[edit]

Leonard's scenario offers the most freedom and events out of the four available scenarios. In fact, very reminiscent of Lute's scenario in SaGa Frontier, Leonard can easily reach the final boss within a short time of starting his story. The openness of hIs scenario is likely designed to make the player experience the world through Leonard's eyes, who's never stepped out of his homeland.

Taria's Scenario[edit]

The first chapter of Taria's scenario starts much like Urpina's scenario, with the first chapter revolving around a set goal and the subsequent chapters opening up. Her style of progression resembles Urpina's but slightly more open during the initial parts.

Balmaint's Scenario[edit]

Balmaint's scenario offers the least amount of freedom overall. Depending on the player's actions, his scenario may become even more constrained. His style of progression is very linear, only opening up during certain parts of his story.






Spark Charts[edit]

Recruitable Characters[edit]

Mercenary Missions[edit]



The Firebringer, a fallen god and bane of humanity, has wrought havoc on the world since his exile. Mankind constructed an Empire with a singular purpose: engage the Firebringer and his fiends in battle to defend humanity. After a millennia of fighting, the Firebringer has finally been defeated, and the Empire is left without purpose, spurring rebellion.

With the fate of the world uncertain, follow the journey of four unique heroes as they call on their might and set out to carve a new future.
~ Official English Website


The game is set in a sort of flat world floating on a deep abyss. The world is divided in twenty regions distributed across four major military houses: Julanius, Gwynese, Erakleos and Yanyouji.

World Regions[edit]



The Firebringer, an evil god, has been harassing humanity ever since his exile by the divine Celestials some millennia ago. To deal with this matter the Celestials had to establish a mighty empire situated at the center of the world, all of it lead by a singular figure, the Emperor, who would lead men to battle the Firebringer and his army of Infernals in order to bring peace to the ravaged Earth. Some times the Emperor emerged victorious, and yet sometimes the Emperor has failed and been felled in combat, leaving the task all up to his loyal subjects. After a long-lasting battle through the ages, the Firebringer has found eternal slumber after his seventh defeat and has had his star be shattered into several fragments that have fallen to all lands known by man. Without purpose to serve, the mighty empire of old begins to collapse and spurs rebellion all across Earth. To make matters worse the Earth begins to experiment anomalous changes, creatures run rampant and the revival of a forgotten figure draws ever near. Will another figure worthy to live to the Emperor's legacy rise? Or is all hope lost as the world begins to crumble into uncontrolled despair?. A new story is about to begin and a new path for humanity is about to be created...

Main Story[edit]

Below is a brief summary of the initial part of each character's starting story. A complete summary of each character's possible scenarios and their endings can be found in their respective article.

Urpina's Story[edit]

Urpina Julanius is the youngest daughter of Maximius Julanius, current head of House Julanius, one of the major four great military houses of the world. One day like no other her father departs to Urbs Azhuacan, the ancient capital of the world, intending to revive the old empire which has fallen to ruin soon after the Firebringer was defeated for the seventh time spurring rebellion after no longer having a purpose for existing. Urpina begs her father to take her but he instead insists she should remain in her home, Provincia Rhonicum, along her brother in order to protect it. Soon after Maximius departs Rhonicum experiences a series of odd events as a giant serpentine creature emerges from the depths of the earth and figures clad in black begin attacking anything in their path. Suddenly Provincia Rhonicum falls in disgrace and Urpina is forced to escape to the nearest region along her retinue and her loyal retainer Mondo. Mondo knows Urpina wants to return to rescue her brother Antonius but he tells her he'll be fine as his mighty prowess with the sword will help him to prevail. Urpina finds herself in Provincia Jusitania and resolves to bring her father from Azhuacan to help with Provincia Rhonicum's liberation.

Leonard's Story[edit]

Annuncia Farm, Provincia Yaxart. A vast sunset can be seen across the vast prairies of the land. Here lives a young man named Leonard who's just finished a harvest, being sure he'll be the chosen top dog amongst all other farms at Yaxart. Suddenly he comes across a woman wearing unusual clothes who barely mutters him to "drown the Scarlet Shards in Ei-Hanum" before collapsing. The woman is taken to a nearby clinic where the doctor tells Leonard it will be some time before she recovers. Leonard resolves to take her mission in his stead, thinking the woman had "chosen" him to find the mythical land of Ei-Hanum. The doctor suggests Leonard to visit the Imperial Library at Azhuacan and then wishes him luck on his journey. Leonard redies to depart from his homeland, a thing he's never done before, but is approached by his lifelong friend Elisabeth who forces herself to accompany him alongside her retainers. More than ready Leonard departs from his homeland, onwards to find the land whose name has been forgotten by the annals of history.

Taria's Story[edit]

Taria, a potter residing in Provincia Termina, finds one day her work has been experiencing some sudden sort of warping which leaves her rather unpleased and thus departs to find the possible cause of the warping. A day like any other she witnesses the legendary Sublime Spiritual of ignis, the Phoenix, flying from Provincia Thracini and laying rest within the woods of Termina. She deduces the sudden appearance of the Spiritual might be linked to her pottery's warping. Before trying to get near the flaming bird she encounters a wandering adventurer resting in a nearby town. His name is Kahn and some days ago he was working as the imperial guard of the empress of the recently founded Eastern Imperium of Thracini. He saw the Phoenix as well and got interested in getting at least one of its feathers to make some quick cash. Taria tells him that to handle said feathers one must do it a proper way or else those will simply vanish like ashes. Kahn then offers her to work together to which Taria happily agrees. Both then depart from town alongside Kahn's mercenary band, the Killers, to capture a Phoenix feather. Upon encountering the Phoenix they find the bird has lost its fiery glimmer and is easily slain in combat. The group get a feather but Kahn is left wondering why the Phoenix would be that weak if it was supposed to be a Sublime Spiritual to which Taria says the Phoenix might have been nearing the end of its life cycle and that before dying it should have laid an egg somewhere. Kahn is surprised of hearing this and wants to find the egg as it might fetch for a lot. Taria as well wants to find the egg as it might have something to do with her work's warping. Both then depart from Termina using the feather's stored memories as guide for finding the whereabouts of the egg.

Balmaint's Story[edit]

Sigfrei, the governor of Provincia Kei, and a man most mysterious likewise detestable now finds himself awaiting for execution after his countless crimes. Enter Balmaint, the famed executioner of Castle Kohan that has claimed the life of more than 700 individuals. Before being executed Sigfrei tells his executioner that he shall make his return to the world seven times in order to bring forth the true justice; nonetheless the axe is dropped and Provincia Kei is liberated from its tyrant. Some time after Sigfrei's execution Balmaint is visited by his lifelong friend, the law clerk Arthur Darlton, who most surprised tells him of the reappearance of Sigfrei at the nearby Provincia Maurehua. Dismissing this as a simple rumor yet enticed by curiosity, Balmaint departs from Kei to pay a visit to the man who dares call himself Sigfrei.


Official render of the cast. From left to right: Taria, Urpina Leonard, Balmant.
Main article: List of SaGa Scarlet Grace characters

The game features 4 playable main characters:

  • Urpina Julanius: The youngest member of House Julanius, the famed House of Swords and one of the four great millitary houses. Naive and cheerful, Urpina wishes only the best for House Julanius which makes her want to carry them to glory all by herself.
  • Leonard: A young man living in Provincia Yaxart who's known for being a troublemaker alongside his friend Elisabeth. He prefers acting instead of resorting to words.
  • Taria: A witch residing in Provincia Termina who had lived a troubled life until recently. She now spends her days working on her pottery alongside her apprentice.
  • Balmaint: An executioner working in Castle Kohan at Provincia Kei. His life takes a major turn once the man he executed suddenly revives out of nowhere. He sets out on a journey to uncover the truth alongside his lifelong friend Arthur.


Firebringer—an evil god, banished by the star gods for his betrayal. He is turned into a comet and sent away. Other dark demons that have been suppressed begin to become violent and the world falls into chaos.

The star gods grant power to one man. He leads the people in a war against Firebringer and establishes an empire.

The dark demons are pushed underground, and the evil god’s star leaves. After that, the evil god’s star returns every 150 years. For ages and ages, they meet Firebringer and his demons in battle.

Over time there are emperors who prepare diligently and defeat the evil god easily, but there are also emperors who are careless and drive the world into ruin.

Finally, after a seventh invasion, the evil god’s star was decimated. The war that lasted 1,000 years is brought to an abrupt stop. The people rejoiced to usher in peace.

Fragments of Firebringer rain down onto the earth, like fireworks celebrating the victory of the humans and star gods. If Firebringer is extinguished, even the empire would become unnecessary.

The empire continues to rule, and many places react with rebellion. This ties into a civil war by the emperor’s son and company. Amidst the chaos, a hero brings down Firebringer, the emperor is assassinated, and the empire collapses.

70 years later.

Hardly anyone who remembers the era of the empire is around anymore. The world remains in chaos. No one notices a new danger approaching. However, a new hero arises for the new era.
~ Early Synopsis, Gematsu preview 2016

The game was announced during a stream about the 25th anniversary of the SaGa Series in December 14 of 2015. It apparently was to be called "SaGa Asterism", as before the announcement a trademark regarding said name was filed alongside another one for an unknown piece of media called "The Blue Maiden of Arcadia" (likely not related at all to the SaGa series)[1]. Another game was also announced, that one being the PC browser game Imperial Saga. It wouldn't be sometime later that a tentative release date of 2016 would be given alongside the final title of the game "SaGa Scarlet Grace". Later in December 15 of the same year the game would finally be released for the PS Vita. Two years later the game would receive an improved port under the subtitle of "Hiiro no Yabou" or "Scarlet Ambitions" for most modern platforms such as the Playstation 4 or mobile devices, while receiving a localization for western territories under the subtitle of "Ambitions".


PlayStation Vita[edit]

SaGa Scarlet Grace special pack released alongside the game.

SaGa: Scarlet Grace was released on December 15, 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation Vita.

The initial release was accompanied by a special pack which included seven console variants, a SaGa: Scarlet Grace original theme, SaGa: Scarlet Grace original design packaging, a USB cable, an AC adapter, a power cord, and a user manual.[2]

SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions[edit]

SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions (サガ スカーレット グレイス 緋色の野望 SaGa Sukāretto Gureisu: Hīro no Yabō?) is an enhanced edition of the game serving as a port to other modern systems and as an overseas localization of the game which featured a various enhancements to fix minor gameplay issues as well as additional story content. It was released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Android and IOS systems on August 2, 2018 in Japan while a global release was announced during 2019's E3 for December 3 of the same year.


  • Significant reduction in loading times.
  • Improved UI.
  • Rebalancing of techs and incantations.
  • Rebalancing of some characters' attributes.

Additional Content[edit]

  • Additional Quests: New quests related to the partners of the protagonists that allows to recruit them. These quests are activated after completing a protagonist's story
  • New Game+: A function that allows players to carry over certain elements after finishing a playthrough such as Techs, Roles, Formations, etc. Initially it won't allow to carry three specific elements: Armaments, Materials and Smithy Rank. However upon finishing every main character's story said option will get unlocked.
  • New characters:
    • Tsubaki "Camelia": A fanatical witch hunter and member of La Chasse, an organization dedicated to persecuting the remaining witches.
    • Sabit Erakleos: A wandering young man obsessed with acquiring weapons. Likes to lecture about weapons.
    • Constantine Erakleos: The brother of the wandering weapon fanatic. Wanders the world in hopes of finding his sweetheart.
    • Minstrel: The wandering man spreader of folk tales and songs. Are any of his tales true? None alive can say!
    • Traveling Troupe: A pair of actors, one blessed by Uzume and the other by the Firebringer, travelling through the world performing theatrical plays that showcase stories of the time before the founding of the Empire.
  • Addition of voice acting to all characters
  • Additional weapons:
    • Mortuus: The bow of death from Romancing SaGa 3.
    • Joyeuse: The ultimate shortsword. Allows the glimmering of Eulogy, Upgrades to the Solar Joyeuse.
    • Flameblade: The ultimate longsword and totally-not the Firebrand. Allows the glimmering of Rosario Impale. Upgrades to the Valeria Heart.
    • Bovine Slayer: The ultimate greatsword and ultimate slayer of cows and thieves of cattle. Allows the glimmering of Headwind Rush. Upgrades to the Kirin Slayer
    • Hawkblade: The ultimate axe. Allows the glimmering of Unbridled Frenzy. Upgrades to the Hawkwind.
    • Supra Harpoon: The ultimate spear. Allows the glimmering of Divine Lancer. Upgrades to the Lucis Harpoon.
    • Crescent Bow: The ultimate bow. Allows the glimmering of Plasma Shot. Upgrades to the Custom Crescent Bow.
    • Eternity Staff: Not really the ultimate staff but allows the glimmering of Cruncher. Can't be upgraded.
  • Many additional enemies. Some include:
    • Scarlet Fiends: High-difficulty enemies that appear upon meeting specific conditions. Upon defeat they may revive even stronger but only after meeting a certain criteria.
    • Firebringer Prime: The strongest version of the final boss that can only be fought upon vanquishing all Scarlet Fiends.
    • Lord Parm: The Marquis of Parm that can be optionally fought earlier on Urpina's story.
    • Killers: The wandering band of mercenaries of Kahn. Part of the sidequest for recruiting him.
    • Hellwall: A team of armored knights that can be fought in Azhuacan's Arena. A reference to Front Mission.
    • Arthur's Bodyguards
    • Aurum Knight
    • Ifrit
  • Additional formations tied to the partners of the protagonists.
  • Addition of items that can be used to lower or raise the strength of the enemies.
  • Additional incantations.


Steam Trading Cards[edit]




Packaging artwork[edit]

The Firebringer is prominently featured in the cover artwork for the game's releases.


External Links[edit]



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