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Urpina Julanius

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SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions character
Urpina Julanius
ウルピナ・ユラニウス (Urupina Yuraniusu?)
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Portrait IS Urpina Portrait.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Lady of House Julanius
Initial Role Maidenblade
Appearances' SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions
Imperial SaGa
Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe
Voice Actor Maaya Uchida
Erica Mendez
Type Playable
Though I may be young, I shall still do all I can for House Julanius!
~ Urpina

Urpina Julanius (ウルピナ・ユラニウス Urupina Yuraniusu?), also known as Urpina (ウルピナ Urupina?), is one of the main protagonists in SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions. A young woman of the Julanius family, famed as the head of the four families set to accede to the Shogunate.[1]



Urpina wears a dress almost identical to that of Elysed, her brother's fiance and close friend. It is implied that Urpina admires Elysed that much to want to wear the same clothes as her.


This daughter of Silmium's ruling elite shows promise as both a leader and a politician. Despite her wish for an unfettered life, she cares deeply for the glory of her house.
~ In-game description

Urpina was raised properly and is called “princess” by those around her. She has an open and cheerful personality towards all people. Because of her real mother’s early passing, she relies on her father and brother, Antonius. Although her behavior is a bit spontaneous, as a member of the Julanius family she is resolved to improving her sword-fighting skills and carrying out her duties as an imperial noble. Although she admires her brother’s fiancee, Elysed of the Guvines family, she has an uncontrollable desire to carry the Julanius family on her back.[1]


The Julanius family is based in the state of Rhonicum’s Silmium, and head of family Maximius is aiming to restore the empire. But Urpina’s life, which is filled with dreams and hopes, takes a complete turn when a tragic attack strikes Silmium...
~ Website Description[1]

Prior to the game's start, Urpina was born into House Julanius with a family consisting of her father, Maximus Urpinus Julanius; her mother, Claudia and her brother, Antonius Julanius. Through unknown circumstances, Urpina's mother had passed away.

In the current time, Urpina approaches her father to send him off. Since Maximius is the commander of the army, he is to appear on the frontlines. Urpina and Antonius appeal to their father to take them along with him. He refuses them both and tells to protect Silmium in his absence. Maximius provides the Ibex Ring to Urpina, which is a keepsake of her late mother. He passes it down to her, stating that while it might be earlier than expected, she is to use its power to preserve House Julianius. Antonius apologetically comments on the fact that Urpina lacks the strength for it. Urpina reiterates that she can do it, brandishing her sword and stating that she will be as her mother once was in order to uphold their House.

Maximius tells them that the trip will involve settling things at the Capital. He will have the aid of House Guinness and even states that he may come back with Lady Elysed. Excited at the prospect of Lady Elysed's arrival, Urpina assumes that the lady will wed her brother. Her brother retorts at her, telling her not to choose his marriage partners. As their father leaves for the Capital, the siblings send him off. Urpina states that she hopes he can come back soon with Lady Elysed. Antonius remains unsure of his father's motivations in restoring the Capital.

The following day, Antonius requests Urpina to survey and patrol around the Rhonicum region. An eager Urpina rushes off to fulfill her duties and meets with Mondo, a vassal who'll assist her in her tasks. Throughout her travels, Urpina visits several villages, a temple and helps rout the undead. She also visits Castle Parm and meets with Chiago Lisboa who tries to intimidate the princess after she questions him about a mysterious hooded figure that went to Castle Parm. After a giant snake appears from the ground, Urpina defeats it and Kathrin Fort is reduced to rubble. Urpina sees smoke rising from Silmium and goes back to the city.

Urpina arrives to a burning city, invaded and ransacked by soldiers in black. They attack Urpina who defeats them with ease, however she is unable to locate her brother. Mondo tells her that they must escape the city. Urpina is reluctant to escape however Mondo tells her that Antonius can take care of himself and that her own safety is the priority right now.

After escaping the city, Urpina asks Mondo if he thinks she's not strong enough to save her brother, with Mondo stating that there are only things that she can do. Urpina takes it upon herself to warn her father that Silmium was overrun and sets out for Azhuacan.

Urpina visits the Marigan Temple where her stepmother is in hiding. She is glad to know that her stepmother is alright at the temple and prays to Marigan for his blessing by overcoming his trial.

As Urpina tries to leave the Provincia Rhonicum, she is hindered at Castle Parm by Chiago Lisboa who attacks her. She retreats and heads towards Nekwa, wherein the mayor Muiredach tells her that she cannot be granted passage as the citizens of Nekwa have decided to absolve any relations with the Julanius family at this time. Understanding of their situation, Urpina relents and heads towards Fort Kathrin. She arrives to a fort overrun by mysterious soldiers. Although they continue to fight, the soldiers are never-ending and Urpina ultimately retreats. Mondo and Urpina deduce that they would need to go through the Dark Forest to get to Provincia Jusitania.

After passing through Tveak Tower, Urpina's retinue find themselves at Provincia Jusitania. They encounter the Alligator Bridge, wherein they meet with a young woman with red-hair. She asks them to pay the toll and Mondo offers imperial gold. Intrigued by his remark, the young woman allows Urpina and her retinue to pass, claiming the imperial coin as her reward. She states that it's been awhile since she's seen that kind of coin and wanders off. Urpina wonders about the young woman's intent, with Mondo stating they're near Grumon, a region of bandits.

Upon arriving at Grumon, they encounter the young woman who posits that a rumor has been going about stating that a royal from House Julanius has been wandering around by herself. She mentions that it would be quite a shame if this royal got ransomed or kidnapped. She tells Urpina that she is willing to forgo all that if she is allowed to join Urpina's retinue. Urpina agrees and allows her to join them on the path to Azhuacan. Ecstatic, the young woman formally introduces herself as Ogniana, one of the seven princesses of the Grumon Queendom.

Urpina and her retinue decide to traverse to Castle Fomoire but are denied entry by its lord. She comes up with an idea to traverse the river below the castle, with Ogniana stating that it's nasty down there and no one has come back alive from the trek. Urpina cheerfully states that Ogniana should lead the way, with Ogniana expressing her chagrin at the idea. After descending further through the river, they encounter iron bars at the end. Surrounded by fiends, Urpina swears to carve a path of blood for House Julanius. After defeating the fiends, the iron bars break, with Urpina stating that the fiends were useful for something. Mondo and Urpina discuss why the fiend was below the castle, with Mondo mentioning that it may have been due to unwanton sorcery. Urpina ponders about at the need to use sorcery in protecting the castle.

When entering Provincia Hibernia, Urpina decides to visit Elysed at the Grove of Silence. However, she is denied entry by varying forces within the region. Deciding to take a chance at meeting with Elysed, she attacks soldiers of Fomoire. The Lord Fomoire then arrives to try and capture Urpina. She manages to escape as the earth golem soldiers surround the Grove of Silence. She makes her way into Provincia Gradion after Lord Fomoire is kept at bay by a commander of the Makulilkali. The commander states that it would not bode well if Urpina were to be captured and bars Lord Fomoire from following her.

Urpina makes it into Provincia Gradion, wherein she discovers that her father's army was split into two after he had departed for Azhuacan. As the Julanius army had marched, they were beset by the Walomir encampment which separated the military armies within the area. The Julanius army ended up scattered amidst the varying regions nearby. Urpina decides to go to Testika to get ferried to Azhuacan to see her father. However, she is barred entry by a member of the Holy Republic. Angered by his rudeness, Urpina wonders about how her father got to Azhuacan. She sees a nearby fisher who tells her he will ferry her to Azhuacan for an imperial coin. She gives him the imperial coin and he tells her to meet him after sunset. The young man offers a suspicious boat and charges Urpina five more imperial coins, stating that she's getting the lady's discount. Urpina decides to spare no expense and pays the fee, arriving at Urbs Azhuacan shortly after.

Urpina is amazed at the buildings that line Urbs Azhuacan, stating it's the first time she's ever been there. Mondo mentions he's been there decades ago however, it had a rougher feel to it. Urpina deduces that it must be because it's more lively now, while Mondo states that it's kind of eerie. She encounters the Earth Serpent and exclaims her shock that it's also in Azhuacan. She meets her father by the group of Holy Republic soldiers and tells him that something has happened in Silmium. However, their conversation is cut short by a member of the Holy Republic. The man states that they need to use the Emperor's Saw to kill the beast, stating it is the duty of House Julanius to do so. Unfortunately, the group are then surrounded by earth golem soldiers ready to fight. After defeating the earth serpent, Urpina realizes her father has vanished.

In the aftermath of the battle, Urpina runs into Elysed who mentions that she aided them in their battle against the Earth Serpent. Urpina updates Elysed on the current happenings of Silmium and the two deduce that Maximius was captured by the Holy Republic. Elysed states that Urpina should return to Silmium as their defenses have been weakened without her. Urpina urges her to come along with her retinue but Elysed relents and says that her father expects her to go home. After Urpina asks her again, Elysed mentions she's such a troublemaker and joins her retinue.

The group try to make their way back to Provincia Gradion, with a member of the Holy Republic stating that they have kept Maximius captive. They entrust Urpina with the quest of obtaining the Emperor's Saw. She agrees to do it for her father and returns to Provincia Gradion. From there, she goes to Fort Kathrin, ready to fight any who stand in her way. However, it seemed that all was quiet and she wonders where the soldiers have gone. Crossing through the fort, the retinue arrive back at Provincia Rhonicum. Mondo states that the ones who may have stolen the Emperor's Saw could have passed by and that they should inquire with the locals about any suspicious individuals. Lady from Lug tells Urpina that she saw a group of soldiers pass by and that they were heading towards Silmium.

Arriving at Silmium, Urpina encounters her stepmother who wonders about Maximius's whereabouts. Urpina apologizes and states that she wasn't able to bring him home, with her stepmother telling Urpina not to blame herself. She then mentions that she saw a group of soldiers that seemed to be carrying the Emperor's Saw pass through Castle Parm. The two deduce that the group took Antonius with them to active the Saw's power as it require the blood of House Julanius. Urpina's stepmother tells her that she will take care of Silmium while Urpina goes off to save her brother and retrieve the Emperor's Saw.


Base Stats[edit]

Star God None Maligan Adamas Toukutsu
Element Vencia Vencia Marsia Consturn
HP 57 57 57 47
LP 8 8 8 6
Strength 12 14 12 14
Skill 11 13 11 9
Speed 13 13 11 16
Endurance 8 10 10 8
Magic 7 5 7 7
Concentration 9 7 11 9
Formation Royal Hearts

Stats can vary based on what choices are made during the quiz at the beginning of the game. Her stats when recruited in a scenario other than her own will be the stats without a star god.

Possible Endings[edit]

Urpina's Story
Leonard's Story
Perhaps due to Leonard's influence, this natural-born aristocratic lady's demeanor took a drastic turn for the worse. To this day, it is whispered that Urpina is the cause of much grief for those of her house.
Taria's Story
Balmaint's Story
All Stories N/A

Other appearances[edit]

Imperial SaGa[edit]

Urpina appears as an obtainable character.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe[edit]

Urpina appears as an obtainable character.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z[edit]




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