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Imperial SaGa: Eclipse

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Imperial SaGa: Eclipse

インペリアル サガ エクリプス
Inperiaru Saga Ekuripesu


Think & Feel


Square Enix


Web browser

Release date:

JP October 31, 2019 (PC and Mobile)


Role-playing video game



Imperial SaGa Eclipse is the direct sequel to the previous release of Imperial SaGa which was released on late 2019. Like its previous release, it can be played on PC through Web Browsers but also this time on Mobile thanks due that this time runs using HTML5 as engine. For the moment, there's not announced plans for a English release.

The game was developed by Think & Feel, the same developers from the previous release, this time having Benny Matsuyama as the writer since the beginning.


Imperial SaGa Eclipse is a online browser game, you need a YahooJP, DMM or NicoNico account in order to be able to play. The graphics and art style are very similar to the first Imperial SaGa, but gameplay wise it passed through some strong changes to feel different from its previous release. For example, the first thing they'll let you to do is to choose the gender of your protagonist, whose name is Liber.

The gameplay is turn-based with a point-and-click mechanic. The characters will have specific skills that they can use during the battle, and such characters can get new skills through glimmers, these glimmers will also let you to increase the rank of already unlocked skills. There's formations that will provide you certain benefits depending of which one you use, and you'll be able to unlock them in the shop using in-game cash, friendship points and others.

This time, the exploration is reduced to its minimal like Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe where the player chooses an stage to play or cinematic to watch. There's two types of stages, the ones in red that will let you to grab a support character from another player, and the yellow ones that will force you only to use characters that you own. Inside of one stage, there'll be a number of waves that you need to clear in order to beat it.

The battle system is based on using a combination of skills and elemental weaknesses. There's an amount of 9 elements which the characters and enemies will have one of them. Liber is the only character that has the 9th element (multi-elemental).


The game features playable characters from throughout the SaGa series:

See also: List of Imperial SaGa characters


The warriors did not choose to return.

The crisis in the chaotic mosaic world of Dysnomia has passed. The possibility of doom, which existed in parallel, has been resolved by heroes summoned from other worlds and the efforts of the Altermenos Emperor Adel Bellius and his family, descendants of the God of Creation.

The evil god was defeated, and the dimensional cage that had been placed on Dysnomia was lifted. The warriors were supposed to return to the world that would be their home. However, there was one person who witnessed the entire battle and disagreed with its outcome.

As the eyes of the Sun God, Barral, and from the standpoint of a mere mortal, he is able to see the events of all parallel worlds. A being who watched over all the adventures of the heroes who defied fate. That person, Liber, was aware of this. If the heroes returned to their original world, all their memories and experiences in Dysnomia would disappear.

It seemed to Liber that this would be tantamount to annihilation. Therefore, Liber asked the Sun God Barral for a single power. Call down from beyond time and space the celestial body that would become the new heaven and earth. A power to create a new world where brave warriors could live with their memories of Dysnomia intact.

Their wish was granted, and they was given a power comparable to that of a god. They then poured all of their power into the dying "Star of the Falling Sun". The warriors were scooped up and rebuilt into Dimilheim. Instead of being absorbed into their former selves and disappearing, they lived peacefully in this new world.

It seemed that Liber's wish had been fulfilled. But in Dimilheim, the seeds of destruction that the creator, Liber, had never imagined were mixed in.

The curtain of epic poetry is once again lifted. The heroes rise up. With an unyielding will to carve out their own destiny...[1]


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