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Unlimited Saga character
ローラ (Rōra?)
US Laura.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 30
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Emperors SaGa
Imperial SaGa
Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe
Once known as a member of the notorious pirate team "Sea Wolf", she retired when she married Pablo, a school teacher. Fierce at times, but has a romantic side as well. One day while travelling, she receives the news of her husband's death. A fateful meeting awaits her at Pablo's funeral.
~ Description

Laura (ローラ Rōra?) is one of the main protagonists of Unlimited Saga. However, she is considered the main character of the game by many people, especially as her story follows a more traditional RPG approach. She joins your party on her route and Mythe's route.

She is voiced in Japanese by Inoue Kikuko and in English by Kelli Cousins.





-Who are the chasers?

  • Basil Galeos ordered them to chase Henri to get his sacred sword. After Galeos failed, he changed his plot.
  • He committed a crime of using Henri and easily succeeded in getting both the sword and 5 elemental gears.

-Galeos' ambition

  • Galeos intended to get the power hidden in the 7 Wonders.
  • He realized the elemental gear that had been inherited from his ancestors was the key to open the seals of the 7 Wonders in relation to the sacred sword.
  • Then he decided to stand in with Dagul Bos only to attain this purpose, destroyed Escata.
  • Among all villains, he alone knew that the power of the 7 Wonders came from "Chaos".
  • Even so, he didn't understand the true danger of the "Chaos". As a result, he was to be taken into the "Chaos".

-check point

  • Unfulfilled visit home
  • At the beginning of the story, Laura said that she would visit her home Gadeira on the way to Vaftom but such episode never occured.
  • Mr.Kawadu says that he intended to make her visit home at first, but omitted the scene because it seemed a little interrupting.


Laura was once leader of a notorious gang of pirates known as "Sea-Wolf," but gave up her life of piracy when she fell in love with an primary school teacher named Pablo in Nivacolina. While they were still young, Laura received news of Pablo's assumed death during travels, and his only remains were a pair of cracked glasses which Laura kept.

The game begins with Laura attending Pablo's funeral service. While mourning, a fair youth named Henri runs into her while escaping from a gang of bandits, who, unknown to Laura or Henri, were chasing the boy to steal the Blade of Escata from him by order of Basil Galeos. Laura defends the boy from harm and accompanies him to the local inn.

In Snowman's Hat Inn, Henri reveals to Laura that he is the prince of the fallen kingdom of Escata, destroyed recently by Dagul Bos leaving Henri orphaned. She suggests that he changes his style and finds new clothing for him and cuts his hair to help prevent him from being recognized as Prince Henri.

When Laura asks Henri if he has a place to go, he says he remembers visiting the Festival of Regina Leone in Vaftom when he was younger. Laura, now alone after the death of her husband, decides to escort the boy to Vaftom, claiming her hometown of Gadeira is on the way and she can stop for a visit.

As the two stop in Wanda, they meet Judy who is searching for her mother. Henri invites Judy to accompany them. After Judy compares Laura to her mother, Laura complains to herself that she has become a babysitter for children now that Henri and Judy are both under her care. On the road to Longshank, where they will be able to board a ship to Vaftom, Laura continues to protect Henri from the bandits that are constantly attacking him.

In Longshank, Laura meets a young woman named Michelle who is complaining of being cursed. When Laura and Henri board the ship to Vaftom, they encounter Michelle again as they hear a scream from another part of the boat. Michelle claims that something terrible must be happening on the boat because she is there, again complaining that her existence is bad luck. Laura tells Michelle that people can create their own destiny, and encourages Michelle to help with the problems on the boat instead of complaining about them. Together, Laura, Henri, Michelle, and Judy deal with the ghosts haunting the boat and fend off a group of bandits who are still after Henri.

Laura arrives in Vaftom in time for the Festival of Regina Leone, which she attends and enjoys with Henri. During the lighting of the memorial fires on the third night of the festival, Laura is seen crying while mourning Pablo. Henri notes that this is the first and last time he would ever see Laura cry.

After the festival concludes, Henri explains to Laura that the mausoleum in Vaftom was built in honor to Iskandar by a former king of Escata, so it may hold some information about the kingdom and why it was attacked. Laura accompanies Henri to the mausoleum where they learn that the blade that Henri is carrying holds a mysterious power when it opens a secret chamber in the mausoleum. Laura suggests that if Henri were to learn the secrets of the blade, he may uncover the mystery of the fall of Escata.

As they exit the mausoleum, Basil Galeos, a long-time acquaintance of the royal family of Escata, appears and offers his protection to Henri. Laura leaves Henri in Galeos's care.

Shortly thereafter, when Laura is drinking at a pub and feeling lost, Henri appears again with his bodyguard Francis, preferring to be escorted by Laura instead of Galeos. Laura agrees to continue to accompany Henri. They leave for the fallen kingdom of Escata to try to learn more about the blade.

On the way to Escata, Laura discovers Francis writing a letter to Galeos. Because she does not yet trust Galeos nor Francis, Laura accuses him of being a spy and starts a fight with him. After calming down, Laura realizes that her rash reaction must have been caused by the fact that she cares much more deeply for Henri than she had realized.

With Laura's help, Henri finds information about the Blade of Escata in books found in the ruins of the palace of Escata, suggesting that its true power may be unlocked with the help of five Elemental Gears. Laura realizes that whoever destroyed the kingdom of Escata must be now chasing Henri in order to obtain the great power of the Blade of Escata. Henri decides to collect the five Elemental Gears.

Laura escorts Henri in his quest to seek the Elemental Gears using clues they found in the books in the palace. They visit Galeos in his home to acquire the Crown of Ares. They receive the other four elemental gears by completing challenges to prove their worth to guardians of the gears. In turn, four assistants (Anzan of the Petran Tribe, Armic of the Chapa Tribe, Platyphyllum of the Lilean Tribe, and Musol Yanii of the Anubito Tribe) join Henri in his quest after he recovers the gears with their help.

During their quest to retrieve the Gloves of Venus, the Elemental Gear of Metal, from the Anubito Tribe, Laura and Henri discover that the gloves were stolen by Dagul Bos. Henri decides to use the quest for the gears as a chance to seek revenge against Dagul Bos for the murder of his family and destruction of his kingdom.

Since Henri has concluded that Dagul Bos is after the Blade of Escata, he does not want to take the blade to Dagul Bos's castle in fear of it being stolen. Francis suggests that they leave the blade and the gears in the trust of Basil Galeos. Laura objects to the idea, still not trusting Francis or Galeos. Henri agrees with Francis and the group leaves the blade with Galeos anyway.

Laura accompanies Henri to Dagul Bos's castle, but when they find Dagul Bos, she leaves Henri to fight him alone because the revenge is something she feels he must do for himself. The success of Henri's battle can change the story, so there are two possible outcomes.

If the player wins in the fight against Dagul Bos, Henri finds his revenge and retrieves the Gloves of Venus. Upon returning to Basil Galeos, Galeos steals the Gloves of Venus from Henri and reveals that he was using Henri's hatred for Dagul Bos and his trust of the house of Galeos to manipulate him into collecting the blade and gears so he could gain the power of the Blade of Escata for himself. Galeos then makes off for Nakle Lines, where the power of the blade can be unleashed.

If the player loses, Dagul Bos will take the blade and Elemental Gears from Basil Galeos, betraying him, as Galeos thought he was using Dagul Bos to gain the power of the blade for himself. Dagul Bos will take the blade and gears to Nakle Lines to unleash their power.

Laura accuses Francis of working with Galeos to manipulate Henri once again, but Francis declares to have had no knowledge of the plan that Basil Galeos and Dagul Bos were scheming and stays loyal to Henri, continuing to travel with Laura.

Regardless of who ends up with the blade due to the player's outcome in the previous battle, Laura escorts Henri to Nakle Lines, one of The Seven Wonders. Henri questions Laura's reason for accompanying him for so long. Laura claims she feels a connection to Henri because they both lost someone important recently, and it must have been Pablo that brought the two together. Because of this, she feels an obligation to see Henri's story to its end.

Upon reaching the end of the Nakle Lines, Laura discovers that their arrival was another part of the villains' scheme. Since the final key to unleashing the power of the Blade of Escata is a member of the royal bloodline, Basil Galeos or Dagul Bos is able to release the power because Laura brought Henri through Nakle Lines.

The villain releases the power of the blade with the help of the Elemental Gears and Henri's presence, summoning Chaos. Laura defeats Chaos along with the help of the rest of the party.

After the defeat of Chaos, Henri assumes position of King of Escata. Laura decides that she will part with Henri, realizing that they have both grown and accomplished their goal from being together. Filled with resolve, Laura parts ways with Henri and returns to Nivacolina. Because of her journeys with Henri, she is able to move on from mourning. She reopens the schoolhouse in Pablo's name, starting her new career as a teacher.

In Mythe's scenario, Laura appears as a customer at Mythe's Workshop asking about the Blade of Escata whilst alerting Mythe to the fire at Fugar's Mansion. Mythe rushes out promptly, leaving Laura at the workshop. It is assumed she joins after the fire, for reasons unknown.

For all the spoken lines from the storyline scenes, go here:




  • Laura's Scenario: Main Character
  • Mythe's Scenario: Playable Character, joins after the events in Fugar's mansion.


Laura is a balanced physical character with high Strength and Spirit, which gives her great defense against magic-using enemies. She also has Fire spells pre-learned, giving her an edge in battle. Her Fire growth is high, but aside from that aspect, she isn't really built for Magic. Despite her Dagger Arts, she is weak with Skill, making her better with Strength-alligned weapons and fighting styles.

Initial Growth Panel[edit]

Dagger Arts L3 Aura
Locksmith L1 Eavesdrop L1

Initial equipment[edit]

Weapon ----
Weapon Fang Knife: Fang, 16 ATK, 40 DUR
Accessory Bestial Armlet: Carnelian, 50 DUR
Accessory Scale Amulet: Scale, 50 DUR
Headgear -----
Body Leather Suit: Fur, 9 DEF
Leggings Boots: Snakeskin, 3 DEF

Making parameters[edit]

Strength 4 Fire 4
Skill 1 Earth 2
Spirit 4 Metal 1
Magic 2 Water 1
Endurance 3 Wood 1

Initial parameters[edit]

Strength 12 Fire 7
Skill 10 Earth 10
Spirit 11 Metal 4
Magic 10 Water 6
Endurance 8 Wood 5
Hit Points 125 Weight 56 kg

Constant parameters[edit]

HP Recovery B
Life Points 15

Playable characters[edit]

When playing as Laura, you can recruit the following chactaters:

  • Henri- The prince of Escata. Joins the team automatically when the game starts.
  • Judy- A little witch looking for her family. Can be found at an Inn in Wanda.
  • Michelle- A girl that seems cursed and followed by bad luck. She can be found at the Longshank Inn, when going onboard the ship, she'll join the team.
  • Francis- A knight who serves as Henri's bodyguard. Joins the team after the events in Vaftom.
  • Anzan- A member of the Petran tribe. Joins during the Earth elemental gear quest.
  • Musol Yanii- A member of the Anubito species. Joins during the Metal elemental gear quest.
  • Armic- A member of the Chapa tribe. Joins during the Water elemental gear quest.
  • Platyphyllum- A member of the Lillian tribe. Joins during the Wood elemental gear quest.


  • First battle (Laura's Scenario) "Step back little man!"
  • First battle (Mythe's Scenario) "I'd like to think all that's behind me now... "
  • New monster "You gonna stand there or put up a fight?"
  • Fight won (Personal) "Didn't even put up a fight."
  • Fight won (someone else) "Ha, I'm almost impressed."
  • Large monster encounter "Look pal, size doesn't really matter to me."
  • Death (Personal) "You won't get me next time"
  • Death (someone else) "Ugh, you'll pay for that!!!"
  • 5 Hit combo (end) "There's more where that came from!"
  • Cold area "You'll warm up if you keep moving."
  • Damp area " Ugh, this miserable humidity is depressing!"
  • Final battle (Laura's Scenario) "Controlled by something like you, you've got to be kidding me!"
  • Final battle (Mythe's Scenario) "So this is the power that can end the world?"

For all the lines to listen to, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1fWxpBZyaU

Other appearances[edit]

Emperors SaGa[edit]

Laura appeared as an obtainable character.

Imperial SaGa[edit]

Laura appears as an obtainable character.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe[edit]

Laura appears as an obtainable character.

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game[edit]

Laura appears as an obtainable card.



  • Unlike other protagonists, no narration is conveyed by Laura herself as Henri tells their story to the player.
  • Laura seems to initially go through the same story during Mythe's scenario, since she has the Blade of Escata. However, Henri is absent and the plot doesn't continue as Laura just simply joins Mythe's team. She also seems a lot more depressed in Mythe's scenario, especially when comparing the first and final battle quotes.
  • Laura is the only character with access to Galeos' castle.
  • Laura and Kurt are the only characters with multiple final bosses. However, whereas Kurt needs to defeat a specific monster during the battles caused by his gauntlet, Laura has to lose against Dagul Bos to unlock him as the final boss of the story.
  • Laura is the only main character able to recruit two other main characters: Judy and Armic.
  • Laura mentions going to Gadeira (her home town), but she takes the ship to Vaftom from Longshank. As written in the game guide (and above), this was an initial idea, that was scrapped, but somehow Laura's speech was still left in the game.


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