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Polka Lynn Wood

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Polka Lynn Wood
RSre Polka Artwork.png
Sprite RSre Polka Sprite.gif
Gender Male
Race Human
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe
A former circus acrobat. He and his younger sister Liz were a popular trapeze duo until the day she was kidnapped. He became a Grave Knight to find her.
~ Description

Polka Lynn Wood (ポルカ・リン・ウッド Poruka Rin Uddo?) is a main character from Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe. A former acrobat who partnered with his sister and were famous for their aerial swings. He entered a tower to find his missing sister.



Polka is a young man with spiked white hair accented with blue tips. The right side of his head is green and he wears a slight ponytail in the front. He wears a red necklace. He wears a sleeved green tank top showing his midriff. He wears a pink sash over his shirt. He wears a brown cape on his left shoulder. He wears two criss-crossed brown belts around his waist. He wears a white cloth draped on his waist. He wears striped green capris. He wears white socks and green boots. His pet is perched on his left shoulder.

The New Year's variation of Polka shows his spiky white hair accented with blue tips. The right side of his head is green and he wears a slight ponytail in the front. He wears a styled green sleeved hakama with red and dark green accents. He wears two criss-crossed white belts. He wears dark green striped pants. He wields a fan with a floral design.



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Please see the following for more information: Polka Lynn Wood/Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

Polka appears as an obtainable character. The regular versions of Polka are obtainable either as units rewarded by the story or as gacha units from the regular gacha pool. The New Year's-themed version of Polka was was only available as an exclusive gacha unit during the New Year's event. The Summer-themed version of Polka was available as an event reward during the Summer event.




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