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Emperors SaGa

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Emperors SaGa

エンペラーズ サガ


Square Enix


Square Enix


Tomomi Kobayashi




GREE, Mobage, NTT DoCoMo

Release date:

JP September 18, 2012




Emperors SaGa is a downloadable social game in the SaGa series from Square Enix. The game was released on the GREE platform on September 18, 2012. In Emperors SaGa, players take the role of the emperor of a nation, and guide the country as its ruler.


The game features a combat system utilizing digital playing cards. The game itself is free, and players purchase packs of cards for the game with real money. Those cards represent allies that the player can use to battle enemies. The game can be accessed on Japanese smartphones and feature phones by going to a website hosted by GREE. It can also be accessed on Western phones with a Mobage/GREE account, but the difference in time zones causes a number of bugs.


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The game features playable characters from throughout the SaGa series:

Chapter 1: Silver Emperor[edit]

Chapter 2: Imperial Succession[edit]

Chapter 3: Twin Emperors of Light and Dark[edit]

Chapter 4: Akashic Babel[edit]

Chapter 5: Glaciers[edit]


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