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Yorkland is a region in SaGa Frontier. Lute and Thunder are from this region. As far as appearance is concerned, it doesn't draw from any particular culture, though a few of the homes seem to have some influence of European architecture to them. 

Locations in Yorkland[edit]

  • Yorkland Town Brewery District - This is where all the major breweries are located. The best liquor is reserved for Trinity, and anyone who is looking for the Grail Card.
  • Yorkland Town Residential District - This is where people live.
  • Swamp - A swamp full of powerful enemies. The Liquor Shrine is here, where people can get the Grail Card.
  • Crossroads - Connects the four areas, and has a large building.
  • Mountains - The mountains here have a chapel.
  • Port - Has flights to Koorong.

Lute's Quest[edit]

He starts here. He tries to board a ship chartered by Trinity. He is almost arrested when Mondo allows him aboard ship.

Emelia's Quest[edit]

Her last mission has her and the entire party go to a chapel in the mountains. Once inside, she puts on her wedding dress. Suddenly, Diva appears. After defeating Diva, Emelia confronts Joker, and depending on her actions in Baccarat, may learn the truth about the man behind the mask.

Riki's Quest[edit]

Riki and Mei-ling help a billionaire whose daughter is possessed. After Dr. Nusakan joins them, they defeat the Mollasite and get the ring.

Other Quests[edit]

All characters doing the Arcane Quest can get the Grail Card. In the Brewery District, the player must talk to each brewery manager and sample their liquor in order to learn the location of the card. Drinking all the liquor samples causes the party to become drunk once they enter the Swamp section. On the map, the lead character cannot walk or hold still properly, making it very likely to run into the monsters hidden everywhere. In battle, the party's intoxication causes everyone to be affected by a different status ailment (it's random what ailment everyone gets, but due to the random factor involved, it's possible for some characters not to get any ailments at all). Once the party reaches the small shrine in the back, they acquire the Grail Card and are cured of their intoxication. 


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