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Shrike is a city in SaGa Frontier. Asellus and Red are from Shrike. The region is modeled after a typical modern urban city.

Red's Quest[edit]

Red visits Shrike during his travels with the Cygnus. BlackX fighters kidnap a girl named Amy and take her to Sei's Tomb to get the secret. As Alkaiser, Red rescues Amy.

Asellus's Quest[edit]

Asellus goes to Shrike to see her aunt. She learns that she had been believed dead for the past twelve years. It is here that the first of Ciato's asssassins, the Fire Sage, fights Asellus and Princess White Rose.

T260G's Quest[edit]

T260G visits Nakajima Robotics for help. It helps them find a mouse in Sei's Tomb. It is here it recruits EngineerCar and ZEKE.

Locations in Shrike[edit]

  • Street - There is a playground, a bookstore and a hotel here. The hotel is free.
  • Nakajima Robotics - Equipment can be purchased and sold here. EngineerCar can be recruited if another Mec has already been recruited.
  • Asellus's House - Asellus had lived here.
  • Mu's Tomb
  • Sei's Tomb
  • Bio Research Lab

Nakajima Robotics[edit]

Nakajima Robotics ties into T260G's story, but is open to any character to visit. It houses the only shop in Shrike and is also one of the few places to sell equipment to (specifically they buy back swords). The party can purchase Repair Kits and Electro Armor (excellent armor if acquired sooner rather than later) as well as several powerful special cannons, which can greatly increase Mec party members' parameters and give them an edge early on. Considering the facility, the store is obviously catered more toward Mecs specifically, though these tools can still be useful to a party without them.

In addition, EngineerCar is an employee at Nakajima Robotics and can be recruited into the party if there is at least one Mec present. Due to certain restrictions with some stories, however, not every main character can recruit him. 

Mu's Tomb[edit]

Mu's Tomb houses the Victory Rune and must be visited in order to complete the Rune Quest. Roufas can be recruited here, but only if the party has already acquired at least one Rune so far. The dungeon itself is entirely optional for any party member (though depending on what the player would like Blue to have for his duel with Rouge, it may become mandatory in his case).