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Owmi is a town in SaGa Frontier, located on the shore of a lake.

Locations in Owmi[edit]

  • Restaurant - Captain Hamilton is found here, but is not recruitable by anyone other than Lute. 
  • Hotel - This hotel is free to stay at.
  • Lord Manor - A large mansion. Its basement harbors treasures, monsters and is home to the Devil Squid.
  • Port - Allows access to Koorong and Nelson. This is the only port from which Nelson can be reached. Lute uses this port to board the Victoria after he meets Captain Hamilton.

Asellus's Quest[edit]

Asellus and Princess White Rose arrive in Owmi after leaving Facinaturu. They see petals floating on the river, and White Rose mentions that water mystics are looking for their missing daughter.

They find the water mystic Mesarthim in the bathroom. The lord of the manor had locked the front door, so they go to the basement. They defeat the Devil Squid and Mesarthim escapes through a waterway.

Later, Asellus can retrieve Mesarthim.

Lute's Quest[edit]

Lute meets Captain Hamilton in the restaurant, who invites him on board her ship the Victoria, allowing him to explore the bridge and talk to her on board.

If Lute recruited TimeLord but not Silence, he can go the basement of Lord Manor and meet Mesarthim, who offers a Sea Stone or joins the party.

Riki's Quest[edit]

Riki and Mei-Ling go to Lord Manor to ask the lord about the Schemer ring. The lord opens a trap door, sending the party to the lowest level of the basement.

They make their way up. (If Dr. Nusakan is in the party, Riki can meet Mesarthim.) Defeating the Devil Squid, they escape the basement and confront the lord. The lord reveals his true identity as a mystic, and warns that the rings are evil.

Other Quests[edit]

Mesarthim offers a Sea Stone or joins the party if Asellus, Time Lord or Dr. Nusakan, but not Silence, was recruited.


  • Sanctuary Stone (Lord Manor Basement)