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Metal Black (M Black)

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Metal Black
M Black III.jpg

"It's time to put up or shut up. Get ready to face death, Alkaiser!"

- M Black III

Metal Black (also called M Black and "Dark Alkaiser") is a major antagonist in Red's quest on SaGa Frontier.


Created by the main antagonist of the story, Dr. Klein, he is one of the Crime Bosses in Black X's gang, and is possibly Red's most worthy adversary. M Black is a mech, but strangely enough, shows human qualities and emotions. (i.e. displaying surprise on the Black Ray upon seeing Red and also fairness toward a weakened Alkaiser and party allowing them to recover before the battle at the Black X Secret Base).

M Black is a very strong opponent, with power exceeding that of Black X (the supposed leader of the Black X gang), Shuzer, Berva and Arachne. His power even rivals that of Boss X, which can be easily seen at the end of Red's quest.


M Black is a highly competitive fighter, always ready to fight Red (and Alkaiser). This is apparent at the Black X drug plant. When Red escapes, M Black is waiting in ambush, with no regard for the fact that the base is destroyed. This suggests that M Black enjoys fighting and that he cares little about anything else, aside from the Black X gang.

M Black also seems to be a fighter with a sense of honor, which can be observed on the Black Ray. Before the battle, he activates the ship's self destruct sequence, ready to die. This makes one wonder just how far this mec is willing to go not only to protect the Black X secret base, but also to kill his nemesis Red.


Red, having discovered the location of the Black X drug plant, he begins his attack. He makes his way to the drug production room, where he plants several explosives. Red then makes his escape, making it out just before the explosion. However, the real challenge awaits Red outside, when he comes face to face with none other than M Black.

  • Black Ray

After Red defeats all of the Black X Crime

File:M Black II Battle
Battle against M Black II.

Bosses, he finds a way to access the Black X secret base. Red sneaks onto the Black Ray in a disguise hoping that the ship will take him to the base. While on the ship, he makes a startling discovery.... M Black is still alive despite having defeated him in Kyo. The ship then detects the intruders, sounding the alarm. Red begins running from M Black throughout the ship, in an attempt to buy time until the ship reaches the base. Eventually, the ship makes it to the base, but M Black catches Red. It is here that Red must fight the evil mec again, in a fierce rematch.

When Red finally makes it to the Black X secret base, he is able to transform into his hero form, Alkaiser. He then infiltrates the base, fighting his way through the many obstacles of the facility. He eventually reaches Black X, and the battle begins. Alkaiser eventually emerges victorious, avenging his father's death. Dr. Klein appears after the battle, revealing that Black X is but a pawn, and then unleashes Shuzer, Berva, and Arachne a second time. Alkaiser defeats the three Crime Bosses after a long, exhaustive battle. However, the victory is cut short when M Black appears. He allows Alkaiser to recover, stating that he "can't very well claim victory over an exhausted hero." Alkaiser then faces off against M Black in the most intense battle either fighter has ever experienced.


M Black (Kyo)

  • HP: 6,000
  • STR: 40
  • QUI: 55
  • INT: 20
  • WIL: 20
  • PSY: 20
  • VIT: 50
  • CHA: 50
  • Skills: Moon Scraper, Tackle, Thrust, Thunderbolt, Tiger Rampage
  • Resistances: Mec
  • Items Recieved: Warlord Armor

M Black II (Black Ray)

  • HP: 10,000
  • STR: 50
  • QUI: 30
  • INT: 20
  • WIL: 30
  • PSY: 20
  • VIT: 80
  • CHA: 70
  • Skills: Moon Scraper, Shoot-All, Graviton, Rail Cannon, AT-Rocket, Magnetic Storm, Micro Missile, Vulcan, HE-Rocket
  • Resistances: Mec
  • Items Recieved: None

M Black III (Black X Secret Base)

  • HP: 20,000
  • STR: 70
  • QUI: 60
  • INT: 25
  • WIL: 30
  • PSY: 20
  • VIT: 55
  • CHA: 90
  • Skills: Blade, Thunder Ball, Tornado, Kick, Dash, Moon Scraper, Glider Spike, Tiger Rampage, Dark Phoenix
  • Resistances: Mec
  • Items Recieved: None