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Shingrow is a region in SaGa Frontier well known for its ruins.

Locations in Shingrow[edit]

  • Shingrow Palace - A palace which hosts a martial arts tournament every year.
  • Shingrow Ruins - These ruins are used by BlackX to capture adventurers to use as fighters.
  • Ancient Ship - The remains of an ancient ship that crashed long ago.
  • Port

Emelia's Quest[edit]

Emelia goes here on a mission for Gradius, participating in the martial arts tournament as the Pink Tiger. After several battles, she sees Joker in the balcony, and chases him. Roufas, Annie, and Liza accompany her. Joker escapes, presumably to the secret underground lair.

Red's Quest[edit]

During a stopover by the Cygnus, Red participates in a martial arts tournament in his guise as Alkaiser. He defeats several opponents, including a mysterious masked giant. After wards,. he sees Dr. Klein on the balacony. He chases Klein, but Klein escapes.

Later, he returns here, helping a woman named Doll find her brother at the ruins. When they confront the masked man Berva in the ruins, Doll reveals herself as an IRPO agent. Berva reveals that they capture would-be tomb robbers and turn them into BlackX fighters.

The story branches whether Berva is defeated in the ruins. If Berva is defeated, he escapes and Red chases him to the palace.

But if the party loses to Berva in the ruins, they are captured and taken to Berva's lair in the palace. Disguised as Alkaiser, Red frees the others and confronts Berva.

After Berva is defeated in the palace, the palace is destroyed.

T260G's Quest[edit]

T260G visits the ancient ship, exploring its interior. Interfacing with the ship's computer, it learns that its mission was to destroy something called RB3.