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Shadow Quest

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The Shadow Quest is a quest to obtain the gift for Shadow Magic. To start this, the player must talk to the lady that sells Shadow Magic in Luminous and ask about the gift. The player is given the option to travel to Omble.

If the main character is Riki, T260G, or has Light Magic, humans and mystics without Light Magic travel to Omble and come back with the gift for Shadow Magic. Otherwise, the player must travel to Omble. No mecs, monsters, or characters with Light Magic will accompany the main character to Omble.

At the entrance to Omble, the player's shadow escapes; recovering the shadow is necessary to complete the quest. Also at the entrance, the player can speak to Silence's shadow; this is necessary to recruit Silence. The player must explore Omble. Shadows of powerful monsters inhabit the region.

Eventually, the player finds a courtyard with shadows of all main characters. Any of the shadows the player touches will go to the adjacent courtyard.

In that adjacent courtyard, if the player touches a shadow other than that of a main character, a fight with powerful monsters begin. If the player touches the main character's shadow, the shadow retreats to a chamber. In that chamber, the party fights their own shadows. Winning allows them to escape Omble and get the gift for Shadow Magic.

If the player spoke to Silence's shadow, the player can speak to Silence to recruit him.


  • Fuse's shadow is in the courtyard where the shadows of the main characters are. This is leftover from the development stage where Fuse was to be a main character.