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Romsen SaGa

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Star Style Fantasy Romsen SaGa (ロムセンサーガ) is a five volume manga series written by Masaru Gotsubo. Although the series was published by Square Enix Comics and serialized in the Big Gangan magazine, it is not officially endorsed by Akitoshi Kawazu as part of the SaGa series. It is currently being fan-translated by Let It Go Scans.


"The demon king, who sent his creatures to plunge the world into terror and chaos was sealed by the hero and founder king, brave Bandiera and his comrades five hundred years ago. But signs of his resurrection have appeared, so the imperial sorcerer and prophet Nostora Damas informed Chaos Bandiera, the 22nd king of Bandiera. Before long, the king issued his decree, and the four chosen heroes set off for the north, where the demon king is said to be sealed. This is the story of a world of swords and magic, of its 'heroes' and its 'demon king'...and also the story of the commonfolk around them." -Chapter 1


The Heroes' Troop

  • Axel Sparda: the sub-commander of the imperial knights; chosen by Chaos Bandiera as one of the four heroes
  • Hansum Bandiera: the second prince in line for the throne; chosen by his father Chaos Bandiera as one of the four heroes
  • Leon Wild: the priest of the Alahan Church; chosen by Chaos Bandiera as one of the four heroes
  • Ninis Madis: an elven sorceress; chosen by Chaos Bandiera as one of the four heroes

The Aristocrats

  • Brave Bandiera: the first king of Bandiera; sealed away the demon king 500 years ago
  • Cween: head of the Elf Village
  • Chaos Bandiera: the 22nd king of Bandiera
  • Elder: the Elf Village's elder
  • Gabriel Gustav: Prince Smile's personal guard; eldest son of Rafael Gustav
  • Nostora Damas: the imperial sorcerer and prophet of Bandiera
  • Rafael "Guillotine" Gustav: the Prime Minister of Bandiera
  • Smile Bandiera: the first prince in line for the throne

The Commonfolk

  • Charlie Barett: a member of the Guard of the Royal City; one of Bandiera's eastern gatekeepers
  • Fran: female captain of the Guard of the Royal City
  • Jenesis Katastrov: the imperial modelist
  • Jillian Nomad: a skilled treasure hunter infamously known throughout the empire as "Hyena Bob"
  • Jimmy Monbarn: a member of the Guard of the Royal City; one of Bandiera's southern gatekeepers
  • Laurie: a dwarven girl who befriends an elf boy
  • Maid No. 1: a servant of the elf queen
  • Maid No. 2: a servant of the elf queen
  • Maid No. 3: a servant of the elf queen
  • Mittel Dark E. Romsen: an archivist and observer who can see everything happening in the world around him; the narrator of the story
  • Shotah: a young elf boy who befriends a dwarf
  • Sidonie: Prince Smile's servant; an expert martial artist in the Alahan School of barehanded fighting.
  • The Third: a lamp fairy accompanying Jillian Nomad


  • The name of the series comes from ロム専 (romusen: ロム - read-only member + 専門 - specialty/area of expertise): an internet slang term used to describe people who lurk (i.e. browse forums, broadcasts, art, etc., but do not comment).
  • The covers of each volume are based on the box art for the following SaGa games: Romancing SaGa, Romancing SaGa 2, Romancing SaGa 3, SaGa Frontier, SaGa Frontier 2.